Custom Field Prefix – How do I change?

Ok.. So those of you who know me or have meet me, know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. And this post will prove it.

I was on the phone the other day with Jan working on the new VPC for partners. Arash has been in there earlier in the day and when I went to create some custom fields, they where all prefixed by fabrikam_ all of my fields from my scripts where calling new_. So I asked Jan how in the world he changed that. When he showed me how easy it was to change, I about cried.


This is great for partners who are ISV partners to be able to develop their custom entities. So instead of new_entityname I can make this isvname_entitityname. This makes sure nobody else creates a table with your same name. So I could see folks like c360, ProTech, Compass, and pretty much anybody else using this feature.


Navigate to Settings / Organization Settings
Select System Settings
Click on the Customizations tab
Change the Prefix from New to whatever you want (in my case Ben)

Click Ok  

Now you can start creating new fields and they will all be prefixed with your new name. (So any entities you already created are NOT changed)

Man does this beat 1.x, where you had fields that started with CF for Custom Field and you couldn’t change that… ;-)