Customer Service Example - AWESOME Job by c360 and

So often, all I ever hear about from Partners is horror stories about dealing with other partner. I never seem to hear about the good things that happen. This is a story about something VERY good a partner did for another partner and Microsoft.

I was recently on a customer call with a partner in North Carolina. While prepping for the demo, we looked at the Group Calendar Add-on to meet some of the requirements. It could meet some, but not all of their requirements. One of their largest requirements was to look at a calendar based upon a selected office. (And this was on Wednesday afternoon) (So I could see everybody in the Charlotte Office and figure out who should take this prospect visit.)

Arvind over at c360 coordinated with Christian from and by Monday, we had a fully functioning piece of software that did EXACTLY what our client was looking for and they even updated all of the software and published a KB article on the functionality.

My hat is off to c360 and for pulling this off. This was by far the most responsive I have EVER seen an ISV be to incorporating changes into their software.