Demo Tip: Cleaning your desktop

So how often have you done a presentation and your desktop has dozens and dozens of documents, shortcuts, etc… My desktop looks like a train wreck hit it on most given days. I use my desktop as a dumping ground for things I should work with or look at. (Since if I put any documents in My Documents, they tend to go into a black hole that they will never come out of.)

So this trick was shown to me by NS Rana and Lisa Ruff. So here is my desktop normally:

To make your desktop clean:

  1. Go to a clear area on your desktop.
  2. Right Click
  3. Select “Arrange Icon by”
  4. Select “Show Desktop Icons”
  5. Follow the Same Steps to show the Icon again after your demo is over.


Now your desktop will be clean. It will look like this:

Great way to make your machine look professional. Don’t be alarmed if the hiding time takes a few minutes. (Especially if you have hundreds of files on your desktop.)