Demo Tip: Showing Off Microsoft CRM's Security Model With Out Logging Out

So did you ever want to show a prospect how Microsoft CRM handles security? When I used to do this, I would log off and log back in as another user, which tends to disrupt the flow of my demo. So how do you handle it?

It is actually pretty easy to do. I right click on the Internet Explorer icon in the quick launch menu right next to the Start Button.

You will now see a screen that looks like this. Click on the Following User and put the username and password for your normal user in, but don't click "OK" yet.

I now Select Run As again. So I will have one as Administrator and one as Gail. From here I click OK on both and then launch CRM from each of these Internet Explorer windows.

So how does this look?

And Close-Up, you can see that I have two CRM Windows up with two separate users.

This allows you to demo Microsoft CRM's security model and show how Business Units and Security Roles would work and allow users to have different views of data. (i.e., that All Contacts means all contacts I have access to.)

Thanks to Eric Boocock for interrupting me on a Saturday morning to ask me this question.