Does Microsoft CRM support Firefox or Opera?

Firefox now has about between 8 and 10 percent of the browser market. (Although it seems to change from month to month.) So about once a week I get an email from a partner or a customer asking if Firefox is a supported platform instead of Internet Explorer? You want the simple answer? No. I am here trying to access Streamline Solutions' Demo Environment. (Which rocks by the way.)

Not that I am a Firefox fan (I actually hate the interface with a passion. It reminds me of Netscape 4.0) But this is bugging me, so added to my to-do list will be a post with some step by steps to see if this is possible with some "hacking." I know that Internet Explorer is the ONLY supported platform, but this is a learning exercise for me. <BG>

So after writing this, I decided to try Opera, another browser. I got the same results with Opera. The difference is that Opera stayed on my machine where I uninstalled Firefox as it was next to worthless to me. Opera is a wicked fast browser....

If your basing your CRM system selection strictly on the browser that the CRM system uses, your selling to the wrong people. CRM isn't about technical requirements, rather it is a business process. (And the automation of those processes.)