Getting Sales and Technical Pre-Sales Help for Microsoft CRM

Microsoft has a number of resources to help you our partners out during sales cycles. The one you probably see the most of is the Partner Technology Specalists. These are field based resources that cover a geographic area or region. An example of a PTS would be Michael Rich, John Straumann and Simon Hutson. These resources are generally in short supply and are normally the ones you see doing partner readiness events, demo preparation and are generally good people to know.

However, getting a hold of a PTS may take an act of Congress. They generally are booked up a week or two in advance, have partners to see, customers to see and generally spend 75% of their time in meetings away from email and the web. So getting ahold of them for a quick question may take some work. That is where your telephone comes into play. J

Looking for sales support? Your sales team is just one phone call away.

Call Microsoft support professionals to get the free, unlimited competitive and technical help you need to close deals faster.

Telephone-based Pre-sales Technical Support handles questions about all Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Reduce your technical and competitive data research workload with unlimited access to Microsoft support professionals who will compile accurate information that’s relevant to your sales scenarios. Other benefits include:

  • Access to an ever-growing collection of hard-to-find reference materials, proof points, research content, and related collateral.

  • Pre-sales technical assistance on product capabilities, features, configuration, compatibility, and deployment troubleshooting in a testing or demo environment.

  • Assistance with business issues related to security, total cost of ownership, licensing, and pricing.**

  • Competitive sales assistance focused on reliability, feature comparison, scalability, interoperability, migration, comparison proof points, cost/value comparison, and integration.

The TPTS is an information resource. If you need a demo or demo help, a local PTS may still be required, but this is a killer starting point.

If you can’t get ahold of a PTS and need some data quick, try the TelePTS and let me know what your experience was.

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