Going Live - Microsoft CRM Live that is...

So yesterday’s big announcement in case you missed it was that Microsoft announced Microsoft CRM Live. You can read all of the Key Note Address with the release of it here. (Or you can watch it on the right hand side of the screen.) The full press release is here.

There are some cool points that where in there as well… Over 50,000 users where added in Q4 for us. Which is more than any other CRM vendor out there that I am aware of. (And more than sfdc has EVER added in a quarter. )

The one thing that worried me about the Live offerings is that of partner compensation. And the cool thing is that we were told that partners will be compensated consistent with how they are today. Which means that you as a partner can and will be compensated regardless of the choices our joint customers make. (Which in my mind is AWESOME.)

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