How Sales Teams Should Use CRM

Tom Pertzborn sent this article out to the team... Great read... I love the end of it, where it lists sales tools from CRM used by each job role.

Read the whole article here.

Sales Tools by Job Role


· Sales Forecast Accuracy

· Forward Looking Visibility

· Improved Market Share

Vice President of Sales

· Sales Forecast Accuracy

· Methods to Accelerate Opportunity Development/Share Best Practices

· Improve Revenue per Sales Representative

· Improve Win/Loss Ratio

· Effectively Capture Loss Data for Strategic Planning/Pricing

· Improve Consistency Across the Sales Organization

· More Effectively Identify New Market Opportunities

· Capitalize on Cross- and Upsell Opportunities

Sales Management

· Sales Forecast Accuracy

· Ability to Focus on Big Impact Opportunities

· More Effective Coaching and Mentoring

· Better Monitoring of Sales Performance

· More Effective Evaluation of the Quality of an Opportunity

· Monitor Account Activities Relative to Results (Call Reports)

Account Executive

· Access to Customer Data

· Improved Quote and Proposal Capabilities

· Faster and More Flexible Corporate Approval Capabilities

· Integrated Access to Relevant Information

· What-if Simulation Tools

· Higher Quality Leads from Marketing