How to Demo the Small Business Edition / Small Business Server Fax

To show Microsoft CRM work with Small Business Server's fax server, you just need a few minutes and a little bit of patience. [:D]


Here are the steps:

  • Add a fax/modem device for the VPC
  • Ensure that the Windows and the CRM Fax services are running.
  • Drag a TIF file to the incoming directory for the Windows fax service (this is different than the target directory for the CRM fax service) There are some samples below.

Outbound faxes can be demo’d easily too:

  • With all of the services running (as above)
  • Create and send an outbound fax in CRM
  • Open the Windows Fax Console
  • Navigate to the outbound faxes folder. The fax will be in that location with data from the CRM fax activity bound to the cover sheet

Here is the file with some faxes. Create some user names to match the reciepients of the faxes and watch CRM's auto routing kick in. (VERY Sweet.) All you have to do is create a user called “Dominic Pouzin” and "Paul Viola" in CRM, and when you drop the fax file to the folder (as a way to simulate an incoming fax), a fax activity should be created assigned to this particular user.

If you do not want the fax service to wait and detect the newly created user (which it will after a configurable period of time…), just restart the CRM fax service (not the Windows fax service).