Looking for some new cool CRM add-ons?

Our friends at Prosoft just announced 4 new add-ons for Microsoft CRM.  Incredibly, one of them is even free.  Yes - FREE!  Apparently Frank and his developers love working with Dynamics CRM 4.0 so much they do this stuff for fun and then give some of it away.  How can you not like these guys?

  • Note Count is a free add on to Microsoft CRM that allows users to see how many notes are associated with the record.  If there are any notes, the tab will turn red and display the count.



  • View Count for Microsoft CRM

One of the most commonly asked for functions of CRM is a count of records in the view.  Prosoft's View Count add-on is composed of 2 parts. The first part, available on every view and advanced search, is a display of the number of records in the view (highlighted in red).

The second part is a report that displays a count of active and inactive records for entities selected in the configuration utility.  This quickly and easily allows administrators to see which entities are growing the fastest.




  • Email Signature for Microsoft CRM

The Signature add-on allows the administrator to put a signature template at the bottom of emails created with Microsoft CRM.  When a new email record is created, the signature will automatically appear at the bottom.  Using the configuration tool the signature can be customized to show the user fields you need.



  • Appointment Start Time for Microsoft CRM

When creating appointments or tasks in CRM and the date is changed, the time is automatically set to 12AM (midnight).  This add-on will change the default start time to be whatever is selected.