Microsoft CRM 3.0 Training Update

We have some news on Microsoft CRM 3.0 Training materials and the availability... Some of the materials are available today and are posted at the bottom of this post...

  • Certification exams for MS CRM 3.0 (English version) will be ready by end of March, 2006. You can begin taking exams on April 1st, 2006. Local language exams are tentatively available in August, 2006. This date might change without notice.
  • If you have received your CRM certification on MS CRM 1.2 prior to availability of 3.0 exams, then you are not required to recertify on MS CRM 3.0 to meet Software Advisor requirements. However, you are highly encouraged to take 3.0 exams in order to come up to speed on MS CRM 3.0.
  • Exams for MS CRM 1.2 version will continue to be available for a period of 12 months after April 1st, 2006. After March 30th, 2007, 1.2 exams will no longer available in any language.
  • If you are a new partner without CRM certification, you may potentially claim fees provided you achieve certification as soon as the exams are available after April 1st, 2006. The Software Advisor program requires that all claims to fees must be made within 90 days of registering the customer. Please consult the Software Advisor program guide for more details.

The "What's New in Microsoft CRM 3.0" that was on the Early Access Site is now available on the Microsoft Partner Site. You can Click Here to access it.

We are doing some awesome stuff around 3.0 certification and all of the details aren't partner ready yet, but what i see pretty much rocks!!!