Partner Event: Competing with Sage SalesLogix v2

Alright... I messed up. I use Vonage for my phone lines and use Verizon for my internet access. Well, during the LiveMeeting, my Vonage Service went on the brink and my cell phone you couldn’t hear. So we cut it short to redo it. J So the event team was awesome. We rescheduled the LiveMeeting for the 31st, which believe it or not, is when I will actually be in an office. J So in case you where bored…. Here is the new link.

P.S.: Did you see what Sage sent to their partners? This made me laugh. I called up several of my friends to confirm and it went out to a pretty significant portion of the population. J Just remember, if you attend from Sage, please review me well so I get my bonus for being a good presenter. J (And Invite me to your events as well.)