Some Links and Light Reading for the Weekend - OnDemand CRM, Microsoft CRM Case Studies, Industry Article, etc...

So expect next weeks posts to be quite a bit slower. We have convergence coming up, so I have been busy trying to wrap up stuff here in DC before heading to Dallas. So to hold you over, how about some links to a little light reading.

The Truth About On-Demand CRM, and not that doesn’t just mean… it covers some other applications.

Now this sounds like a lot of successful CRM deployment…. recent user group meeting…

How about Mash-ups? I think we used to call them integrations, but that word isn’t cool anymore… Check the Program Manager of Microsoft CRM talking about security considerations

Some great case studies where just posted to check them out at:

A Great little application I have been using for cropping screen shots and the like… Check it out… Very slick replacement for MS Paint. (Version 2.6 was just released too…)

An article written by our own local Jim Stout from Invoke Systems on CRM system adoption. (ohh by the way, Aaron and team have moved their blogs to well worth the read.)

Check out the CRM SnapIn for Word and Excel for Microsoft CRM or Axapta. This is a subset of the upcoming Visual Studio Tools for Office. J

Press Release on some large enterprise deals we have been working on for a while:

(And for those of you who want to know, no I do NOT post every day. Normally on Saturday or Sunday, I write a whole weeks worth of posts and post them during the week. (Look at all of the post times that are exactly 7:00 am. J) Well, my mother is back and forth in the hospital, so I have been back and forth to Upstate New York to help my father out. As a result, every weekend has been spent in a car driving… And I am out of material for a couple of days. J )