Updating CRM data from Excel.

One of the things my customers LOVE about CRM is the ability to dynamically link CRM to Excel Spreadsheets. The next question is normally if I can update CRM from Excel.

One of my local partners, Prosoft Systems Intl, wrote a cool application based in Excel enables bi-directional updating to CRM.  The preview version is wired to the Opportunities entity only, but in the future I expect them to enable this for all Entities.  Frank would love your feedback on the product and said he will be posting weekly updates until the product is finalized.  Some of the cool things include the ability to work with the CRM data in Excel while not connected to a CRM server.  They will also be announcing a partner program soon. 


For more information:  http://www.mscrmexcel.com/products.htm

You can download the preview at: http://www.mscrmexcel.com/downloads.htm