New UC API Samples Released!

A few new code samples have been released on various UC APIs. I haven't checked them all our yet, but I can speak a little to the "Integrating Web Chat Functionality" as I know the guy who wrote it...

The Web Chat Functionality sample shows you how you can have anonymous web users have an IM conversation with an OCS end user, without the web user providing any credentials.

Web Chat

Think about visiting a web site, for example an ecommerce website, and the customer has a question about a product, while they could email and/or call, the customer would have to leave the computer and make the extra effort. This Web Chat samples tries and solves that problem by allows the customers to simply click on a link and have an IM conversation via thier browser with a representative and/or a bot from the ecommerce website.

 This is one example of "Click to Chat".

The technology behind the solution is farily simple, combining the UC AJAX API into a service, in this case a WCF service which logs into CWA via a single UC Enabled account. The WCF service is the only application that is comunicates with CWA. The browser application uses .NET 3.5 WebHTTPBinding and JSON to communicate directly to the WCF service.

 The WCF controls which browser endpoints get which messages it has receieved, by assigning web users a GUID. The Browser application using a polling technique to get the messages from the service.

WPF Presence Controls

Another exciting sample are the WPF Presence Controls. While we had the WinForms controls we didn't have WPF controls and it was something requested by everyone who looked at the WinForm controls. Download them and check out George Durzi's blog post about these controls.

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