Command line VSS snap of Hyper-V VMs

“What’s the easiest way to back up a Hyper-V VM on a stranded server at a remote site with low connectivity?”  I get this question a fair amount.  John’s blog post below shares an example script you could drop in place to schedule a VSS snap of Hyper-V VMs.  This is just one of MANY possible ways to provide back-up in this scenario.  I’ve heard of everything from sophisticated enterprise managed approaches to “once per night we shut everything down, robocopy to an external disk, and start back up”.  Hey, whatever works for your needs and budget!  There is no wrong answer as long as you can restore what you need to restore, within the amount of time you need to restore it.

John Kelbley's real life enterprise interop and administration : DiskShadow / Xcopy BACKUP of Hyper-V

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