H3 Brute video!


So I stopped by a Gamestop the other day to grab a wireless headset (which my dog has already tried to chew up) and as I was checking out the lady at the counter said "would you like me to put you on the list for Halo 3?  It's only 5 dollars down."  My first reaction was disbeleif that maybe she was confusing H3 with some other game so I asked her when it would be coming out.  She checked her list and responded "uh, says here November 2007."  As if I was asking silly questions and shouldn't be a bit surprised the waiting and reservations are starting almost a year in advance.  Man, I can't wait!

Anyway, new video on the Bungie site that goes in to a lot of detail regarding the development of the Brute opponent.  The abaility for these characters to work together is really interesting.