Please submit a proposal to speak at the XML 2006 Conference

I'll take a break from my XLinq focus to encourage people to submit a proposal to speak at the XML 2006 Conference (December 5-7, in Boston). I’m one of the track chairs for the “Enterprise XML Computing” track at the XML 2006 conference and my main job is to prod people into submitting proposals. Some specific topic suggests in the Call for Proposals include:

  • Can XML be made secure and efficient?
  • Are Web Services living up to their early promises?
  • Are other approches, like REST, too simplistic?
  • Will a new generation of XML-aware appliances streamline enterprise networks?
  • Is XML-based social software a fad, or can it fundamentally change the ways enterprises work?

There are other topic areas you might find more to your liking, including XML on the Web, Documents and Publishing, and Hands-On XML.


Thanks for considering making a proposal  or passing this on to someone who might be interested. It’s easy, just a form and a couple of paragraphs at .  The complete paper isn't due until December, and unlike previous SGML/XML conferences, we don't insist that you eat that tasty XML dogfood and write the paper in a conference DTD XML format!


Feel free to ping me via the contact form if you have questions.