Hyper-V Installation Tricks: Updates

I haven’t updated my three part series about different ways to install Hyper-V for our RTM release.  I’ve been working on getting some step-by-step videos created, but it’s always been on the back burner, and I was waiting to update the posts until I had the videos ready.

Well, a discussion on an internal DL yesterday lit a fire under me, so now I’m going to sit down and do this.  The videos aren’t done yet, but I’ll add them when they are.

Since not much of the original content has changed, I’m just going to update the original posts with the new bits.  I’ll add some more descriptions about why I’m doing what I’m doing, and where I got certain things.

Hopefully, this will make the series more useful.

  1. Sysprep and Hyper-V
  2. Unattended Installation of Windows and Hyper-V
  3. Integrated Installation and The Beauty of the Win6 Servicing Stack