What's in a name?

I feel so dirty for having chosen that as a title for this post.  I mean, seriously.  Out of all the blog posts that have ever been made about one changing the name of their blog, how many of them paraphrased The Bard in the title?  I'm guessing "lots."  Anyway, onto the actual content.

I started this blog back in 2005 with the intention of helping our valuable customers (that's you guys) use Virtual PC and Virtual Server run some brand-spankin' new operating system called Vista.  Over the course of the CTP and beta releases, I made a few posts about how to get the VM Additions running under various builds of Vista and Longhorn Server. 

The problem with that, though, was that eventually there wasn't anything new to write about.  We released Windows Vista, and new versions of Virtual PC and Virtual Server - and everything became static.  There was no new news.

Then along came Jones Hyper-V.  I'm going to be blogging about Hyper-V from now on, which means that this blog is going to need a new name.

From now on, this blog shall be known as "Virtual Varia", since I think it better describes the sort of content I'll be providing here.

The URL won't change, and all of my old posts will remain just where they are. 

Thanks for reading, everyone!