Downloading Webcasts

One request I often hear is to be able to download on-demand webcasts. There is a huge huge repository of webcasts on the Microsoft Corporate site but not all of them can be downloaded for viewing off-line. Here in the UK we're gathering a selection of useful webcasts together with a view to creating our own webcast DVD for distribution at events etc (we'll have a hundred or so webcasts on there) but there is also a mechanism you can use to download these webcasts yourself. Take a look at Downloading Webcasts for Offline Viewing. I've used this method myself and it works very well. You can queue up a series of webcasts and they will be downloaded in parallel (and it doesn't take an hour to download a one hour webcast!). The process is not very pretty and the registration is laborious when you're doing more than one or two but it does the trick. And of course we're lobbying our colleagues to try and simplify things and make these webcasts available for direct download.