It's Good to be Back

Yeah, right. Long days with nothing to do but laze in the sun and order cocktails or drive around game parks looking at elephants, giraffes and the odd big cat vs work. No competition really. If only I could afford to stay on holiday permanently. I did hear recently of a couple who live in a travel lodge as they worked out it was cheaper that buying a house.

Anyway, one of the joys of being back is getting out and about and doing some events - I have a whole string of them coming up so in no particular order (except chronological) here goes:

Date Location Subject
6/11/07 Reading MSDN - Developing on the Windows Live Platform
8/11/07 London MSDN - Building Dynamic Web Applications with Microsoft Silverlight
12/11/07 Reading The Developer Group Meeting - Silverlight
15/11/07 Manchester MSDN - Building Dynamic Web Applications with Microsoft Silverlight
22/11/07 Leeds / Bradford MSDN - SQL Server 2008
27/11/07 Reading MSDN - An introduction to the Microsoft Web Platform (and how to do it for zip, nyada, zero cost to you)
28/11/07 Birmingham

MSDN - Web, Web, Web : Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET 3.5 and Silverlight

Click the links to see more details and register of you'd like to attend. All MSDN events are free of charge. Hope to see you at one of the above!

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