Mix08 Keynote - ScottGu on Silverlight Pt 3

Important point - not everything in WPF is in Silverlight 2 (obviously) but what is there is API compatible so, for example, you can take Silverlight XAML and re-use that in WPF.

LOB Applications - Cirque du Soleil casting application. A handful of people worldwide can perform some of the roles CDL are looking for so talent scouts work remotely and need to upload their data to central casting database. Using a local cache the artist is evaluated and compared with existing talent pool. Sync'd when scout has connectivity. On the flip side, when trying to cast a part, can review the possible candidates including, eg, video of their casting session.

Upcoming WPF Improvements:

  • More controls
  • Streamlined setup of .NET Fx
  • Perf improvements (cold start and graphics)

Demo of graphics perf improvements - combination of images / video and physics engine with custom shader effects pushed down to the GPU to minimise impact on CPU eg a ripple effect and magnifier effect.

Mobile Devices

Same code, assets, skills and tools on both Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms

Demo - Social Networking App built using Silverlight on WM6. Allows you to see local venues, which of your friends are there, opt to go, shows current status etc. All using Silverlight's layout engine and controls model.

Partnership with Nokia to deliver Silverlight on their platform so Silverlight mobile app reach beyond Windows Mobile.

Demo - WeatherBug Silverlight application running on Nokia S60 platform. World's largest weather network with 8000 weather stations pushing data to their central DB every 2 seconds. Showed same application running on WeatherBug website, Windows Mobile and Nokia. Viewed current conditions, radar data and short-range forecast.

Goal is to get on as many mobile platforms as possible - expect more...

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