More Monitoring Web Requests on Windows Phone

Not long ago I posted about using Fiddler to capture the traffic on the Windows Phone 7 emulator. In a comment on that post, Wayde asked if it was possible to capture the traffic on the device (rather than the emulator). With a bit of fiddling I discovered it was pretty easy to do it.

Essentially, you use the “Debug traffic from another machine” approach. This technique requires you to connect via wireless and use another machine on the same network as a proxy server (and also running Fiddler).



On your phone, go to the WiFi settings page and select the network you’re going to use (in my case, my network is called zoom)



When you select a network, you’re taken to the Edit Network page.

We need to enable the phone to use a proxy server and enter the details of the other machine on the network that will be running Fiddler.

In my case that machine’s IP address is and Fiddler listens on port 8888 by default.



With Fiddler running on the other machine, you should be able to connect to the internet as before.

But the traffic is now being routed via Fiddler so you should see it all on the way past. Job done.