My new Creative Zen Micro & Radio 4

Nice. Very nice. 5GB storage in a tiny form factor. I've sync'd 2300 tracks with my Media Center and there's room for a few more. It sounds fantastic. I've gone for the white one and while a little reminiscent of the iPod I have to admit it doesn't match it for design purity. But what the heck - I wanted the extra storage, better price, WMA compatibility, replaceable battery and the FM Radio.

Picture of Zen Micro

That brings me to my only problem with it - my FM reception is awful. I've arranged to return this unit in case I've just got a faulty one. I was hoping to have anytime anywhere access to Radio 4 but that's not going to happen unless my replacement is significantly better... [Update - I have received my replacement and the FM reception is much better so I put this down to a faulty unit.]

Radio 4 is just one of those things that improves with age (not Radio 4's age, your age). I find myself lost in a strange world of Gardners' Question Time (I'm not interested in gardening), Veg Talk (I'm not that interested in vegetables) and even The Archers (if I leave work at the wrong time and miss the comedy). But when will they make their content available in a Windows Media Player compatible format? I don't want to install another Media Player just to listen to Radio 4 programmes... :-(