ReMix UK 08 Tickets - Akin to Dromedary Pretzels

ie get them while they're hot. Following on from the massive success of last year's Mix 07, the ReMix UK 08 website has just this minute gone live. Here's a Key Facts document:

  • ReMix UK 08 is all about bringing together the very best web design and development talent for a 48 hour conversation
  • ReMix UK 08 takes place on 18/19th September at the Brighton Centre in, er, Brighton
  • Brighton is a beautiful seaside town on the south coast of the UK made famous by hosting the 1974 Eurovision song contest when Abba won with "Waterloo"
  • The Brighton Centre is a big, old, drab, grey conference centre but we're going to transform it into something very special
  • Why Thu/Fri? So you don't have to get up early the morning after!
  • Why not make a holiday of it? Michael Bolton's playing the Brighton Centre not long after ReMix UK (no he's not playing ReMix UK, I mean he's playing there after we play there)
  • Early bird price is £239 for the first 300 places then it goes up to £349 so save £110 with EB

We are going to have some fantastic sessions, some amazing speakers (I should know, I own the dev track so you can blame me if it doesn't live up to your expectations!) and a whole lot of fun. It's rumoured that even TechEd Europe top sessions speaker Mr Mike Taulty might do a session (but only if I ask him very nicely - he can be quite tetchy).


What are you waiting for ? Head over to and register for ReMix UK 08 today!

Hope to see you there...


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