Seadragon Ajax

I hadn’t seen this before so apologies if it’s old news but Microsoft Live Labs have an AJAX implementation of their Seadragon technology (the technology that goes by the name of Deep Zoom in Silverlight). The experience (for me at least) isn’t quite as good as Silverlight Deep Zoom but it’s still pretty amazing.

Bertrand Le Roy has published a walk-through using the Fable II world map (a game I keep returning to whenever I get a chance).

Trouble is, I can’t stop myself from right-clicking on the image to check if it’s Silverlight!

While I’m on the topic of Deep Zoom, people often struggle to see the potential for business applications (beyond the likes of Hard Rock and Renault Laguna which are a bit specialised). I like the Patient Journey Demonstrator. If you launch the Secondary Care app (all built in Silverlight – pretty amazing in itself) and then click on one of the “View Results” buttons on the right hand side you’ll be presented with some data visualisation courtesy of Silverlight Deep Zoom. I think it’s a great use of the technology.

Patient Demonstrator  Secondary Healthcare

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