Silverlight 2 Release Candidate Available

We've released RC0 of Silverlight 2. This is intended as a developer only release - neither the Silverlight 1 nor Silverlight 2 Beta 2 plug-in will auto-update to this release. This is an opportunity to test your Silverlight 2 applications against RC0 to ensure they will be ready for final release. There is also a preview of SP1 for Expression Blend which targets Silverlight 2 RC0.

There is a full list of breaking changes between B2 and RC0, I've pulled out the contents list below as a summary:

  • Important! Migrating Older Code to the Newer Release
  • ContentPresenter now derives from FrameworkElement instead of Control
  • Layout Rendering Slightly Changed
  • Cross domain hosts of Silverlight must set the right MIME type for XAP (application/x-silverlight-app)
  • Exceptions now thrown in HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse()
  • Font URI is Restricted to Assembly Resource
  • Browser.HtmlElementCollection replaced with by Browser.ScriptObjectCollection
  • Exceptions When Changing Some Properties on an Active Animation
  • System.Windows.Controls.Extended.dll renamed to System.Windows.Controls.dll
  • VisualStateManager Changes
  • KeyDown Sent Synchronously
  • MeasureOverride/ArrangeOverride on Canvas Now Sealed
  • UriTypeConverter moved to System.dll
  • HtmlPage.UnregisterScriptableObject Removed
  • RenderingEventArgs Changes
  • ContentPresenter and ContentControl Changes
  • Removal of FileDialogFileInfo Type and OpenFileDialog.SelectedFile(s) Properties
  • Removal of FullAccess Option on the ExternalCallersFromCrossDomain attribute in the Silverlight 2 application manifest
  • KeyFrameCollection Changes
  • Request stream must be closed before calling HttpWebRequest.BeginGetResponse()
  • HtmlWindow references on Safari/Mac will no longer evaluate to true
  • Address property removed from all WebClient EventArg classes
  • Constructors Made Internal
  • Exception type change for System.Xml exception type
  • Cannot create classes in XAML that do not have accessible constructors
  • Get AG_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR in Silverlight 2 but not in Silverlight 1
  • Platform looks for generic.xaml as a resource at themes/generic.xaml
  • HTTP Polling Duplex OM Changes and Reengineering
  • Breaking change to Silverlight native hosting IXcpControl COM interface
  • Content-Type is allowed on cross domain request by default
  • Enforcing delegate type check when two delegate objects are combined
  • Miscellaneous API Changes

All the relevant links and downloads are available on Silverlight.Net.

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