Sql Server 2008 Geospatial Data Generator Updated (well, fixed I suppose, if you want to be pedantic about it)

Thanks to Will Thompson, a Business Intelligence Technical Specialist at Microsoft UK, for pointing out that my Geospatial Data Generator has had a bit of a fatal flaw since RC0 when they switched the Lat / Lon order in queries. I'm disappointed in you, dear reader, that you lacked the courage to bring this to my attention. Either that or you're not using it. Either way, I'm disappointed.

Anyway, I've fixed it. Not that you care. I use the word "fix" loosely as I noticed the Visualiser doesn't work with FireFox and I'm afraid the reasons why eluded me (seems to be throwing an exception in one of the VE functions). Fixing that will have to wait for another day - I have sessions to prepare!

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