URLs for your Silverlight Streaming Videos

Trying to upload and use videos in Silverlight Streaming in your Silverlight application used to be a little convoluted. For one thing you had to use the "special" Silverlight.js script from Silverlight Streaming. Using initParams you would then pass in a special string of the form:


and Silverlight Streaming would work some magic and hand you back a URL. This is a little cumbersome, especially if you have multiple videos, although you can also pass a "root" to your videos and use relative URLs from there.

Anyway, things have changed and you can now access your video in Silverlight Streaming via a permalink of the form:


So, for example, I have a video at http://silverlight.services.live.com/27832/Testing123_canDelete/MediaPlayer1_Full.wmv. Click the link and you should be able to view it (until I delete it that is - it was a test after all :-)). I sometimes get prompted for credentials for some reason. Click cancel and the video should still work okay.

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