Visual Studio 2005 Hotfixes

The DevDiv Hotfix Public Availability Pilot Program has just been brought to my attention. This pilot gives you access to the most frequently requested VS2005 hotfixes without having to contact Microsoft Developer Support.

I spent a long time working in Developer Support, and I have mixed feelings on this because I know the guys over there are probably recovering from the shock as I write this (who knows, maybe they're a bit more relaxed now. Maybe it was me who made them so uptight. :-)). Applying the wrong hotfix or an inappropriate hotfix can be a serious problem. That's why support was in the chain - saving people from themselves.

You know the situation. Something's broken, you're under pressure, time seems to warp around you and you're looking for a "miracle cure" before you lose the will to live. A hotfix that "sounds about right" can be too good to overlook. So all I'm saying is, be careful out there. Read the small print. Read the details. And if in doubt, give my friends in Developer Support a call and tell them Mike sent you. That'll confuse them...

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