Windows Phone 7 Devices

I think we can probably all agree on 2 things wrt WP7 devices:

  1. We’d like to have one
  2. They’re hard to come by


Whilst I wish I could give everyone a fish (phone), I can’t. But I can at least offer some tackle and a few fishing lessons. In other words, find ways to try and help people who want to see their app running on a device and make it happen for them. I’m going about this in two ways:

  1. Drop-in clinics. Turn up with your app and have it deployed to a device. See it run. Do a little debugging maybe. More on this later
  2. Virtual deployment. Send me your app (as a XAP file). I deploy it to a device and video it. I publish the video so you can see it in action.


My only proviso with (2) is you must agree to the video being made public. I’ll be publishing them all to a single, public location. To give you an idea what I mean, here’s the first app I’ve received (from Jonathan Yong, @jyong1981). It’s an early tech demo of a shoot’em up game he’s created.

(I should explain that it’s upside down because it’s easier to video that way – your fingers don’t get in the way of the tripod :))

So by all means, if you want to see your app in action, drop me a mail and stay tuned for an announcement about those drop-in clinics. Oh and apologies in advance if you’re outside the UK but I can only offer this to folks based in the UK. Sorry.