Last Chance! UK Developer Event Saturday May 14th

Hi all - just to let you know the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event is coming along a treat - thanks to the tireless efforts of Craig Murphy, Benjamin Mitchell and Phil Winstanley, not to mention Microsoft's very own Sarah Brown (who is as yet not of the blogosphere. Come on Sarah...)

If you haven't registered yet and fancy spending a Saturday chez Microsoft with your fellow .NET fans, users, critics, and of course the floating voters, you can register here. The agenda's here; it's a fantastic mix of the technical and the slightly-less-technical and we can promise you a very enjoyable and thought-provoking day, punctuated by lunch and the odd chocky bikky.

That said, the word's got round and we're close to 85% of the capacity of our three big meeting rooms, so if you would like to come along now would be a very good time to reserve your spot. If you fancy speaking at a future event, to share your experiences and insights, this would be a great opportunity too to meet Craig, Phil and Benjamin and help them shape the agenda for the next DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper; be assured they're men of integrity so cheap bribes like "I saved you the last Bourbon" won't influence them in any way :-)

We look forward to seeing you there!