How to debug classic ASP pages in VS 2005

Quite a few people were unable to make VS 2005 to hit breakpoints in the server script in classic ASP pages. Little surprise here since the way we do ASP debugging changed since VS 2003 and there little or no information currently in VS 2005 Beta 2 docs on the topic (I filed a bug on this). Most importantly, setting BP and hitting F5 won't work - breakpoint never binds. Two key items here:

1. Classic ASP debugging only works with IIS. It does not work with the VS Development Web Server (Cassini). 
2. In VS 2005 you have to attach to the ASP worker process (w3wp.exe in IIS 6).

Here is how to make ASP debugging work:

1. Enable ASP debugging on the server. (I also added DEBUG verb to the asp extension, but I am not sure if it is required).
2. Open classic ASP in VS 2005.
3. Set breakpoint.
4. View page in browser or run without debugging.
5. Debug | Attach to Process
6. Locate IIS ASP worker process (w3wp.exe on IIS6) which exposes x86 and Script and attach as Script.

At this point breakpoint should bind and you should be able to hit it. You may have to refresh the page in the browser to get the code executed again. I tried on Windows 2003 SP1 Standard Server running IIS 6 and it worked for me. I want to try on XP Pro + IIS 5 next.