How to move file system Web site to IIS

When you are using Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio, you may begin working on a new Web site as a file system based Web running it on the Development Web Server. However, at certain point you may want to move to IIS for whatever reason: IIS has better performance, some may want to add classic ASP page, some may want to publish the Web directly from the machine, whatever. How do you move your Web site to IIS?

Thanks PhilM99 who summarized steps in the thread in ASP.NET forums:

  1. Close the VS2005 project.
  2. Using IIS manager, created a virtual directory pointing to the folder containing all the pages.
  3. In VS2005, Click on File..Open Web Site.
  4. Select the tab Local IIS.
  5. Find the virtual directory you just created, select it and click Open.

Now you are running your Web site on IIS.