How to obtain crash dump in Visual Studio 2005

So VS is crashing on you and you want to submit a bug. You can help us with investigation if you also collect a crash dump. Generally Windows automatically sends a crash dump to us when you click 'Submit error information to Microsoft'. However, if you still want to file the issue yourself on MSDN Feedback site, do the following:

1. Start Visual Studio.
2. Start another instance of VS.
3. In the second instance click Tools | Attach to Process...
4. In the list of processes locate devenv.exe.
5. Click Select... and explicitly choose 'Native' and 'Managed' code.
6. Click OK and OK to close Select dialog and Attach to Process dialog.
7. Go back to the first instance of VS and repro the crash.
8. Upon the crash control should go to the second instance of VS.
9. In the second instance click Debug | Save Dump As... and save the crash information.
10. File issue at MSDN Feedback site and attach crash dump file to the report.