Visual Web Developer team is hiring!

Are you interested in working for Microsoft on the Web development tools? We are hiring!

Our team is a great place to work, we have very low turnaround. For example, I have been with the Web Tools since I joined Microsoft in 1997. Most team members have been with the team for 5 years or more. We are at the bleeding edge of the Web tools development, we have both native (C++/COM) and managed (C# and some VB.NET) code, we have UI work, parsers, XML schemas,  multithreading, jscript/vbscript support, DHTML, extensibility, new designer, all kinds of interesting things to work on. We are closely working with the ASP.NET runtime team, Atlas support is very important for our next release. We also work on small, but exciting side projects which we release as add-ons.

Check out our blogs: Scott is our General Manager (my boss' boss), Brian is our marketing guy, Brad is my peer dev lead, his team works on the Web project system (my team owns the editor itself).

Web Tools is a very cool place to work!