Your feedback at work, part II : Advanced Color Coding

Last week I checked in implementation of advanced color coding. Here is how new coloring looks on my machine:


You may notice two new color dropdowns that define foreground and background colors for element name. There is also a checkbox for the bold style. Why did we put color selection in Tools | Options | Text Editor | HTML | Formatting | Tag Specific Options as opposed to the Fonts And Color page? We did not want to add more than 150 new colorable items to the list of common VS colors. In addition, the main list is not editable so you can't add new items. Instead, we added color options to the per tag formatting dialog. Not perfect, but at least you only have to specify colors of elements that you want to be different and you can add your own elements including once with a namespace. Colors you specify in this dialog will override colors specified for the HTML Element Name in the Tools | Options | Fonts And Colors.