Minh's Stupid PhotoResizer Version 1.2

This is long overdue, but I've finally updated my stupid PhotoResizer program with the two requests that most people have asked for the most. The 1.2 update has the following two new features:

A) You can now drag a folder over the area, and it will resize all files within that folder. No folder-recursion.
B) You can now specify the JPEG compression ratio, which defaults to 90.

Thanks for Martjan den Hoed from the Netherlands for some of his suggestions and his Dutch version (which I assume he will update for 1.2 version soon).

Minh T. Nguyen.

PS: For those who are awaiting the new Vietnamese Conversions to go out of its rich-text-editor beta stage, hang in there. Besides a bug that I still have to fix, I've received an additional request to add Unicode->Vietnet/VIQR conversion. I already know how to do it, I just need to find the time to implement it some time this month.


Name : PhotoResizer
Version : 1.2
Requirement : .NET Framework 1.1
Size : 6kb
Download : Binary executable - Source code - Dutch Version
License : Freeware/OpenSource


This is a very simple utility to allow you to batch-resize digital photos. You simply indicate your maximum width or height in pixels and drag and drop your picture files onto the window. The program will then batch-resize all pictures into a subfolder.