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What is StoryShare?

StoryShare is
an open-source ASP.NET/C#-based Facebook application that allows users to
suggest, share, syndicate articles, links, podcasts and vodcasts with one
another. It was developed in 2008 originally in-house by the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth
for the purpose of promoting its activities, but was then later
decided to be made available to other organizations in January 2009.


StoryShare has the following features for now

  • Facebook users can suggest links to other websites, self-written notes, MP3
    files on the web, and YouTube videos. Each of these items is referred to as a
  • A predefined set of moderators can approve stories, which then will appear
    on the main StoryShare feed
  • Stories can be commented on by other users of the application as well as
    re-posted to ones’ own profile
  • The main feed can also be embedded directly into people’s profiles as well
  • The main feed is available as an RSS feed outside of facebook
  • All approved video stories also appear in the VodCast tab again
  • A PodCast tab lists all audio files from a specified Podcast RSS feed.
    Unlike the VodCast tab, this feed does not originate from the approved stories,
    but is just replicated from an arbitrary RSS feed

The following features are currently in plan:

  • Suggested stories should also appear on user’s main Facebook feed like “Minh
    Nguyen just suggested this story through SomeOrganization’s StoryShare”
  • Ability for an administrator to send messages to all users
  • Ability for administrators to dynamically promote/demote other users as
  • Support other videos besides YouTube (maybe Vimeo)


The “January 2009” version was the first publicly-available version of
StoryShare. Your feedback and collaboration is welcome.


The following are required to install and configure StoryShare,

  • An ASP.NET 2.0 web host
  • SQL Server 2005 (or higher)
  • Visual Studio .NET 2008 (you should be able to use the free Express edition)
  • SubSonic 2.1 (or higher)
  • An understanding of ASP.NET, SubSonic, C#, SQL and the Facebook

Minh T. Nguyen, StoryShare Developer
Len Duong
International Vietnamese Youth Network