Every apple employee get's an iPhone, Charity begins at home...

Steve Job's is not the richest man in the world nor is his company the biggest/richest company in  the world! But still, it is one of the MOST Admired companies in the world! And this act of generosity tells you exactly what differentiates him from others. When the iPod Mini was launched, every employee got one...and now every Apple Employee get's an iPhone! How DARN COOL IS THAT!!! DANG!!

According to Timesonline.com "In a company-wide address to Apple workers Mr Jobs said that each of the firm's 20,000 odd employees would receive a $599 (£299) iPhone for free — a gift with a total retail value of $12 million, according to reports."



What is it that makes Apple a cult company? People are flocking in droves to buy this iPhone...sometimes, you really have to wonder if its really the Product or the maker of the product? Or if it's simply Steve Job's charisma... I adore this guy!




Now, if only SteveB decided to give all of his employees a Zune! Wishful thinking? Yeah, I guess so :(


-Mithun Dhar

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