More SharePoint 2010 Development resources…

I’ve spent a good chunk of this weekend playing with SharePoint. While playing with SharePoint I also stumbled on App Comat stuff, which was really useful for my application.

Here’s my two favorite items to get you started with…

Application Compatibility for Office 2010

Analyze your environment for installed add-ins and identify potential migration issues as you migrate earlier versions of Office to Office 2010. Learn how the Compatibility Inspector tools can perform an analysis of the code and suggest potential issues with this video on Channel 9. Additional videos and a lab are also available.

Learn SharePoint 2010 Best Practices Explore design considerations you should have as you start creating SharePoint solutions targeting SharePoint 2010. Additional videos, labs and code available on testing, deployment and security in this new training course on Channel 9.


Go out and have fun with one of the best products that is out there from Microsoft.

-Mithun Dhar

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