More Silverlight ‘Wins’….

I was reading our Platform Advisor/Architect Evangelist – Sam Chenaur’s blog and noticed he had two really good pieces of information that I think is important to showcase Silverlight’s power in the RIA platform play…

1. John L. Scott Real Estate Enables Online Social Networking with Live Services

John L. Scott Real Estate (JLS) is delivering a unique social marketing solution, called JLSconnect, that makes it easier for buyers to shop for a home and it will help JLS agents win new business and keep customers.  By building this new solution using Microsoft Live Services and a Software+Services approach, John L. Scott was able to deliver unique customer value quickly and cost-effectively.  Read more about this exciting application via Sam Chenaur’s blog.


2. Two Seattle Startups, Cootendy and Overcast Media, adopt Silverlight 

Read more about these exciting companies and their adoption of Silverlight via Sam Chenaur’s blog post.

This is great news! Follow Sam’s blog more closely for some really interesting updates :)


Enjoy the weekend!

-Mithun Dhar

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