MSDN event resources and goodies for - CardSpace, Microsoft AJAX Client Library & AJAX Best Practices



As promised in my events, here are some pointers about the topics that we discussed today – CardSpace, Microsoft AJAX Client Libraries & AJAX Best Practices :


· First and foremost be sure to check out the 2 DVD’s (MSDN Events Resource Kit) that you received at the event! They include working samples of the demos I showed, as well as links to more samples, webcasts and virtual labs.


· Event Slides, Demos and Demo CodePosted HERE

o CardSpace

o Microsoft AJAX Client Libraries

o AJAX Best Practices


· WebcastsPosted HERE

o Rob Bagby does an awesome webcast on – AJAX Client Libraries – Must WATCH!


· Other Useful resources – (Thanks to my awesome colleague Lynn! Be sure to buy her book from HERE!)

· CardSpace

o Basic

§ introductory video on Channel 9 -

§ Detecting cardspace support

§ Kim Cameron Identity blog

§ Cardspace on MSDN

o Advanced

§ from Michele Bustamante - here is a demo that shows associating cards with ASP.NET membership in the comments field for the user. And it relies on the email address to associate the card to a user uniquely. See the CardSpace sample in this post: It also includes a WCF sample, simple, using wsFederationHttpBinding

§ Michele's article on MSDN


o Basic

§ what is JSON? –

§ ASP.NET AJAX Documentation –

§ ASP.NET AJAX Tutorials –

§ Unobtrusive Coding –

§ Accessibility –

§ HIJAX –,

§ Micro Caching –

§ Security –

o Advanced

§ Client reference (by Namespace, i.e. Sys, Sys.Net, etc..)

§ Server reference (by Namespace, i.e. Sys.Web.Handlers, Sys.Web.UI, etc...)

§ Extender control tutorial (with sample code)

o Threat Modeling Books

§ Hacking Web Applications Exposed, Second Edition. Joel Scambray, Mike Shema, and Caleb Sima. McGraw Hill. Provides an excellent overview of Web Application Security – including common attack vectors and mitigation strategies.

§ Writing Secure Code, Second Edition. Michael Howard and Davie LeBlanc. Microsoft Press. Security Best Practices including input validation and target hardening.

§ AJAX In Action. Dave Crane, Eric Pascarello, with Darren James. Manning Publications. A comprehensive overview of AJAX programming from a best-practices perspective.


Please let me know if you need anything else! I enjoyed talking to you guys n gals!! Thank you! 


-Mithun Dhar