SharePoint Web 2.0 FireStarter - Live Meeting Recordings

Thanks everyone for attending the SharePoint Web 2.0 FireStarter event. The event was massively successful and we received a lot of great feedback. I can't wait to organize the next FireStarter event. Keep an eye open on my blog...

A lot of people were asking me for the recordings...Here it goes:

LIVE MEETING REPLAY URL:                        

Session 1 - Introduction To Day & Keynote:

Session 2 - Whirlwind SharePoint on Visual Studio:

Session 3 - Silverlight on SharePoint:

Session 4 - Web Parts on SharePoint:

Session 5 - Web Services on SharePoint:

Session 6 - Workflow on SharePoint:

Session 7 - Event Handlers on SharePoint:

Session 8 - Page Branding on SharePoint:

We also have professional video recordings that we are currently editing. This is pretty much the whole event being recorded and will be available for replay in about 2 weeks or so. These can be used as videocasts too!

Again, thanks for making this event a success!


Mithun Dhar

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