Silverlight - Microsoft's 'Kool ad'!

If you are a denizen of the 'bloggers world' this news is a bit old – sorta like CNN’s stuff!

Earlier this week Microsoft announced the launch of WPF/E opps! I mean to say, Silverlight – Microsoft’s premier technology aimed at empowering designers. The whole idea is to collaborate designers and developers. Last quarter when I was talking about WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation a lot of people expressed interest in learning and knowing about WPF/E which is Windows Presentation Foundation – Everywhere! This allows designers and developers to develop ‘ultra-cool’® applications! Giving flash a serious run for its money! I think flash’s dominance has finally met a match.

Next quarter, I'll be covering a lot more on WPF/E opps! again! I meant to say Silverlight! :) Be sure to register for an event near you!

Anyway, the point of this post is – the Silverlight promo Ad that Microsoft released. To be honest, I’ve always been appalled with Microsoft’s ad campaigns. After the ‘Dinosaur mask’ fiasco (Office 97 – Information age?) or the ‘Software for the agile business’ tagline I started covering my face and ducking whenever I saw a Microsoft Ad. I think finally, finally, finally…we’ve woken up and realized that ad’s are supposed to be cool! Supposed to drive home a point to ‘everyone’ not just geeks! Supposed to strike a chord with your customer and strike the right chord. And, I think the Silverlight promo ad does just this :)

I was just wow’d when I saw this ad – Check it out! If our past is any indication of our future, Apple – watch out!



If you are still wondering whether Silverlight is written in Java (did you see the ad closely?) using SAX (the javax namespace and use of Java API's like vector.addElement) then you might want to get to Las Vegas and attend the MIX 07 show! There are a lot of cool announcements happening this year! Vegas being Vegas, I am sure there’ll be scalpers selling a few tickets to the sold-out event!