The Audacity of Ignorance...

Microsoft Windows Vista reminds me of Windows ME. Only, Windows ME had all the right criticisms. This past week, I installed Windows 7 on my primary machine and since there there's been constant chatter about the OS as soon as someone sees it in a cafe that I'm working or at User Groups. As a Developer Evangelist, the first thing I do is showcase all the cool stuff, the real stuff, the stuff that gets ooh's and aah's. Everyone's gets so excited to see it! So far, so good!

Then I usually digress my conversation to, 'So after my 5 minute tour of Windows 7' what do you like the most? And, I usually get a varied bunch of answers like the Informative Icons, The clutter less desktop, some even like the Betta Fish on it! And, almost all of them like the Taskbar and the ability to move and place gadgets where ever. This is what irks me the most!

So far in my conversations (including my dad!), No one has ever realized that gadgets can be 'detached' and placed wherever they want on the desktop even in Vista.   I'm so disappointed already because, its usually the same bunch who say Vista is half baked and a bad OS. Honestly, I can say Windows 7 is better in terms of 'everything'. It's a more holistic operating system and really, the best Microsoft has ever released. And, perhaps the most well rounded Beta release ever. But, Vista isn't as bad! Really, people! Once, you discount the herd mentality and get off the 'I hate Vista' bandwagon you really can see that it's a pretty good OS and definitely better than XP! (In my humble opinion!)

That said, if you haven't already downloaded a beta copy of Windows 7 - do it now! time is running out.

Oh yeah, here's how you can move gadgets to anywhere on the desktop even in Vista!

1. When sidebar is running - Right click on the gadget - Detach from Sidebar - Move wherever and say cheeze that was ez.


2. When sidebar is running - Press and hold down on the border/non functional area of the gadget - Drag it out of the sidebar - The gadget is now detached.

In either case, if you want to attach the gadget, Right click and choose Attach Gadget! See, it's that simple!

Now say, I love Windows Vista! (If only it were that easy!)

-Mithun Dhar

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