This week in history...

I was browsing the Microsoft daily news letter today and came across this article. It's interesting to see how the world has morphed over time. Anyway, Seventeen years ago, Windows 3.0 brought a new desktop to the desk. Clearly, if history was to be re-written and sequenced it would be, BM (Before Microsoft) and AM (After Microsoft)! Find out what else happened This Week in History.

In the world:

May 25, 1977 George Lucas' blockbuster movie Star Wars opens, breaking box office records. Initially expected to be a flop, the film garnered seven Academy Awards and spawned a marketing and entertainment franchise that is still going strong today.

May 20, 1873 — Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive a patent for work pants with metal rivets, marking the birth of the blue jean. 

At Microsoft:



May 22, 1990 — Microsoft announces the availability of Windows 3.0 at the City Center Theater in New York. The new version offered dramatic performance improvements, allowing a much greater range of application support.

Along with enhanced performance, Windows 3.0 also delivered a new supreme time-waster: Solitaire. This week's featured photo shows a screen shot of Solitaire in its original glory.

Go Microsoft!

-Mithun Dhar