Webcast: Building Communications into Your Applications


I will be doing a web cast covering the MS Unified Communications platform SDK's and talking about how you can include communications into your LOB's. Michael Dunn who is a UC MVP will also be co-hosting. Should be a fun session! Come hear us out...

When: Thursday, Nov 29th between 11:00 and Noon.


Unified Communications for Developers: Building Communications into Your Applications

Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) is turning the traditionally hardware-oriented communications world into software. Building the Unified Communications platform, with rich APIs and solid tool support, is a cornerstone of that strategy. In this session, we give an overview of what scenarios the UC platform enables and the APIs and software development kits (SDKs) that Microsoft Unified Communications offers. We demonstrate how to integrate presence, voice over IP (VoIP), video, and messaging into your applications, and also how to build powerful communications applications like IM-based query/response bots, outbound notifications, and speech technology-enabled telephony applications. Communications now can be a first class feature in Windows and Web applications; this is the introductory presentation of how you can leverage that capability as a developer.

Register Here: http://msevents.microsoft.com/cui/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?EventID=1032357751&EventCategory=4&culture=en-US&CountryCode=US

-Mithun Dhar

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