Windows High Performance Computing...checked Windows Compare?

I was just sifting through my daily mail and I came across this awesome compile of Webcasts/training's on High Performance Computing. I can't stress how important a milestone this is in the history of computing. It doesn't matter if you a Developer or an IT Pro, it will definitely pay off to understand and know about HPC. I think Windows has made some sweeping changes and is better able to fend off Linux. Don't believe me? Check it for yourself at the Windows Compare Website...


Mark your calendars and get ready to get smarter!

Upcoming Webcast on Windows Compare:
High-Performance Computing with Windows (Level 200)

clip_image003Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - 11:30 A.M.–1:00 P.M. Pacific Time

In this webcast, we discuss HPC in Windows compared to a Linux solution. We first look at what comes built in to Windows Compute Cluster Server, compared to what you get with a Linux solution. We then examine demanding workloads and show how to configure a HPC solution.

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Recorded Windows Compare Sessions


Configuring Web Proxy Servers

In this pair of screencasts we will examine how you can configure and monitor a web proxy server on both Windows Server 2003 and Ubuntu Linux.
View the Windows Screencast
View the Linux Screencast

Learn about the Server Core installation option of Windows Server 2008
In this TechNet Radio session we will discuss the Server Core architecture, functionality and how it compares to Linux

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Monitoring Performance: Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux

In this screencast series we will examine how you can monitor real time CPU and memory performance using Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux.
View the Windows Screencast
View the Linux Screencast

Managing a Virtualized Environment today and in the future

Hear this radio show to learn more about the features and benefits of using Windows Server Virtualization and System Center working together and look at competitive differentiators for the current virtualization offerings.

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-Mithun Dhar

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